C.E.O.: a project for the futur

Corporate strategic plane developed in 2009 at Boscotrecase Hospital during the direction of the Division of General and Emergency Surgery
- The increase of activity and demand has pushed this Division to adapt to new internal and external requirements through different organizational and security measures increasingly in the van and tending to the continuous improvement and to the simultaneous observation of reality. We have today:

•    activation of alternatives diagnostic and therapeutic pathways, such as pre-hospitalization and protected dismissals which have reduced diagnostic hospitalization and its time, improving the quality and quantity standards already in the first year of activity (complications 0,58%; mortality 0%);

•    reinforcement of emergency, endocrine, video-laparoscopic, breast, vein, oncological and thyroid surgery, with the activation of the operating centers:
·    Thyroid and Parathyroid surgery
·    Adrenal surgery
·    Pancreatic surgery
·    Testicular surgery
·    Ovarian surgery
·    Oncologic surgery
·    Breast surgery

•    cooperation of specialists: endocrinologist, nuclear physician, oncologist, radiologist, istopathologist;

•    activation of the website for the divulgation of information useful for teaching and research activities and for patients (through the restricted area).
Our services, as can be read, consist in:
·    scheduled hospitalizations
·    emergency hospitalizations
·    general outpatient clinic
·    specialist outpatient clinic, "one day-surgery and day-surgery"

We can offer all this with the same quality services and professionalism of the other places, producing, in this way, a containment of users' mobility trend to other A.S.L. and other regions and a reduction of inconveniences and extra costs related to migration.

The results of our policy are already evident from the present statistics, but the company to ensure the achievement of increasingly ambitious targets authorized the establishment of an "ad hoc" project, which will see our Division in first line but the collaboration of all the professionalism in our existing A.S.L. will be also necessary to inform the interested users in detail and convey them to the prescribed care paths.

The acronym C.E.O. used to define the project means Endocrine and Oncological Surgery and was chosen to underscore the specific engagement in this direction aimed at achieving a center of excellence in this field.

This project will be reviewed periodically and its results will be announced with the utmost transparency.