Specialist in General Surgery
Specialist in Thoracic Surgery

Director of the "Oncologic and Endocrine Surgery Unit" in the S. Giovanni Bosco Hospital of Naples from 2001 to 2005.

Director of the "Division of General and Emergency Surgery" in the Boscotrecase Hospital from 2006 to 2011.

Director of the "Oncologic Surgery Unit" in the Nola Hospital from 2011 to 2016.

Director of the "Division of General Surgery" in the Boscotrecase Hospital and in the Torre del Greco Hospital (Naples) from 2018.

Dr. Fiore has been doing a "Project on the Thyroid and Oncologic Surgery" in the S. Giovanni Bosco Hospital of Naples (ASL Napoli 1) since 2001 to invert, or at least to reduce, the trend of the outside and extraregional mobility for the surgical treatment of thyroid and neoplastic diseases with the achievement of the programmated targets, as from formal reports.

The latest epidemiological data of ARSAN, relevant to the thyroid surgery for the year 2000, showed, in fact, a significant increase of extraregional mobility (25,8% - 817 cases against 631 of 1998, as an increase of 29,47%) and excused the Campania Province's resolution N.4183 of 14/09/01 (BURC N.52 of 08/10/01) to invert, or at least to reduce, this trend in order to control the public expense (£ 2.699.763.498 in 1998 • £ 3.608.178.323 in 2000).

In 2005 he moved to the ASL Napoli 5 and saw that in this ASL the situation was considerably worse than in the ASL Napoli 1. In fact the ARSAN data, relavant to the code DRG 290 (surgical treatment for the thyroid diseases), shows that just the 7,4% of these operations were performed in the hospitals of the ASL Napoli 5. The 20,2% were performed in private clinics of this ASL, the 51,1% in the other ASL of Campania Province and the 21,1% in the ASL of other Provinces of Italy.

At the Hospital of Boscotrecase (Naples) were activated an "Oncologic Surgery Unit" and a "Thyroid Surgery Unit" which have attracted considerable interest and consents, leading to a clear reduction in the trend of passive mobility and a steady and profitable growth of the active mobility (14% of the patients).

In november of 2011 was assigned to the St. Mary Mercy Nola Hospital (Naples) with the aim of activating the field of Oncologic Surgery and was entrusted with the responsibility of the "Oncologic Surgery Unit" since july 2016.